WARNING: Low energy, bad attitudes, negative moods, are ALL symptoms of a MUCH bigger problem!

The Hero Factor
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What’s Your Business Like RIGHT NOW? 
   Low energy, bad attitudes, negatives moods, are all symptoms of a                       MUCH bigger problem!

    Poor performing work cultures are hard to find the root cause of and they could kill your business!
The Hero Leadership Kit was adapted from the best-selling business book, The Hero Factor, by Jeffrey Hayzlett. 
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Lead With Purpose
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From The Best-selling Book

The Hero Factor: How Great Leaders Transform Organizations and Create Winning Cultures

          About The Book
The hero factor is that special core fundamental value system that stands some companies apart to achieve greatness. It’s a business with an elevated value system and sense of purpose. It's a self-generated corporate culture for winning by doing the right thing. The right way. For the right reasons. The Hero Factor is for the hero leaders serious about tackling the tough questions facing corporate social responsibility.

Becoming a hero business is a conscious choice leaders and companies make to decide what you value and hold yourself accountable to live those values consistently in everything you do. There is no better time than now to discover your hero factor and win the hearts of your customer! 

                                               -Published by Entrepreneur Press

  • ​What are your brand values?
  • ​Are they value being lived?
  • ​What happens when organizational cultures fail?
  • Know what your brand stands for
  • ​The ultimate business book dedicated to social responsibility

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The Numbers:
  •  Only 27% of employees at any given business actually believe their company’s core values
  • ​51% of employees are disengaged in their current jobs 
  • ​There's a major opportunity to improve the average business by getting your team to know and uphold the spirit and values your business stands for!
We're on a mission to help every business reach their true potential.  We compiled the essential lessons your team needs to compete in today's rapidly changing landscape.  Every business has a social responsibility to lead with integrity and win! 

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What's the Hero Transformation Kit?
Essential LESSONS to Rise to the Next Level
The Hero Factor Leadership Kit is a compilation of business lessons everyone on your team needs to commit to in order to rise together and grow your business, the right way. 

The kit includes 3 important business guides to help transform your team and culture by getting everyone aligned on your core values and operating goals. Inside you will find:
  • Fundamental leadership training for the entire company
  • ​Marketing plan to position your brand as the industry expert in your field
  • ​Brand pitch formula to draft your message and define your core values
  • ​Team planning session exercise to unite on a common cause
  • ​Motivation to kill complacency and win!
Your Ultimate Guide to Change Management!
What's Inside the 3-Part Kit?
PART ONE: Hero Transformation Guide 
Business Insights to Unlock Your Potential 
  • Get beyond average business standards
  • Compilation of business tips and lessons from the biggest leaders in business
  •  Learn processes, strategies, and tips that high-growth, value-based, companies use to scale and WIN every day
  • ​Know your purpose and secrets to share your brand story to ignite a mass movement 
In this growth hacking guide, you will discover the summary of some of the best leadership lessons compiled from thousands of companies and executives on what makes a business thrive under the hardest disrupting industries and conditions - AND learn how to tell your brand story to attract new customers and fill your pipeline.
Start Your Business Transformation TODAY!
PART TWO: Business Disruptor’s Pocket Guide
Daily actionable lessons to fight mediocracy and complacency in your organization. Create tension and save your company!
For Hero Leaders Only!
What’s Your Business like, RIGHT NOW?
  • Low energy, bad attitudes, negatives moods are all symptoms of a MUCH bigger problem. 
  • ​ If you don’t Fight Back they will kill your business
  •  No one is coming to save you! You have to be the change your company needs
Hero Factor Planning Session Workshop
Confront the Tough Questions With Your Team to Get Your Company to the NEXT LEVEL
Download your own customized planning session to deploy with your team. You don’t need to hire an expensive consultant to take over your business for you. The workshop is designed for YOU to address the hard questions you need to overcome as a team in order to reach and exceed your business growth goals. 

This workshop is designed to uncover what is currently working, where the growth gaps are, and jointly identify and discover why you are committed to the value you provide.
This workshop will help you get clear on: 
  • Understanding your conditions of satisfaction  
  •  Know your purpose. Why are you in the game?
  •  Learn how to tell your brand story and attract more customers
  •  Develop a winning elevator pitch
  •  Leadership alignment and commitment to becoming your best selves and company
  •  Eliminate complacency and change the mood of the operating team
Meet Jeffrey Hayzlett
Primetime TV & Radio Host
  • Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker
  • ​Former Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer
  • ​C-Suite Network Chairman
  • ​Bought and sold over 200 businesses
  • ​Marketing and brand expert
  •  Conditions of satisfaction: Grow personally, Grow professionally, Grow wealth
In his 30-year career of running businesses and startups on main street to running a fortune 100 company on Wall Street, Jeffrey Hayzlett has met and known thousands of leaders with extraordinary qualities and interview hundreds of executives featured on his business TV and Radio shows.

But what you don’t get to see are the successful businesses and executives that you will never know the names of. Secrets from business leaders, you will never meet, you will never see them in best-selling books. You will never see them on TV. You will never read them in the front pages of magazines.

Leaders who just do it. They get things done. Running unbelievable operations while everyone else talks about doing things. Business icons and real heroes that cultivate and develop a winning mentalities and cultures to serve local communities and provide extraordinary value to the world .
This is your defining moment
Products and services themselves don’t captivate or motivate people, it’s the purpose and meaning behind them that creates mass movements. Every company ever created started as a story, an idea that inspired other people to believe in the cause. DOWNLOAD your FREE guide to inspire your team TODAY!
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Does Your Business Have the Hero Factor?
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